Roche Dolls Pippa
Roche Dolls Rowan, Ivy and Primrose

Spring Special Dolls

Welcome to Roche Dolls

Specially for Spring we are offering 3  Special Pippa and 3 Little friends, Rowan, Ivy and Rosemary.

Also some beautiful Spring themed oil paintings by Lynne

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

All good wishes,

Lynne & Michael

Another Little Treat!........

We had some lovely messages from those who enjoyed our Christmas journal, so we have been looking through our archives to see what else we can share. As we are all dreaming of a time when holidays are possible once more, we thought you might appreciate ‘Lillian’s Holiday’, something fun we put together after a trip to Venice a few years ago. We hope you enjoy the sights as much as we did! Click on the cover to open the journal… (press ‘full screen’ to see the photos at their best!)