Our 2006 Collection

Roche dolls by Lynne and Michael Roche

Dolls from the 2006 Collection are no longer available, This page has been retained as a reference archive for our collectors.

In 2006 we introduced Esme & Thomasina.

Esme is 16.5" tall. She has a porcelain head and hands on a hand carved lime-wood body, with a mohair wig and glass eyes. Thomasina is the same type of body but is 17.5" tall.

We have been making the small sized doll for 4 years now and enjoyed working on them very much but this year we decided to make a change.

Esme and Thomasina are a completely new scale and size of doll. They depict very young little girls with beautifully designed, hand carved lime-wood bodies made by Michael. They are sisters and I hope their features show related faces with subtle distinctive differences.

Winter Esme & Winter Thomasina

Esme wears a soft cotton Printed shirt under a pure wool pinafore. Over this she wears a coat of space-dyed wool felt with a hand knitted waistcoat decorated with beads, she has felt mittens and hat. She has brown eyes and a fair mohair wig

Thomasina wears a soft cotton Printed shirt with a pure wool skirt, over this she has a hand knitted pinafore and over all of this she has a space dyed felt short jacket. She has a knitted bag, felt mitts and hat, all which are decorated with beads. She has bright blue eyes and a strawberry blond mohair wig.

Winter Esme and Thomasina are in an edition of 30 each and come with a delightful hand painted wooden sleigh(Presents not included).

Esme & Thomasina Go To A Party

Esme wears a delicate party dress and shoes in pale pink silks decorated with beads and tiny silk fragments, she also has a beaded necklace. She has blue/grey eyes and a blonde mohair wig. She has her own lovely mohair teddy bear with leather pads specially made for Esme by Stella Topping of Pertinax Bears.

Thomasina has a beautiful silk party dress and shoes in shades of green and silk fragments and a beaded necklace. She has a pale strawberry blond mohair wig. Thomasina also has her very own bear made by Stella.

Party Esme and Thomasina are editions of 30 each

Esme and Thomasina Go To The Theatre

Summer Esme wears a lovely floral Liberty print summer dress and shoes, over this she has a hand knitted palest yellow silk-cotton coat. She has blue/grey eyes and a dark brown mohair wig.

Summer Thomasina has a Liberty print skirt and shoes with a sweet lantern motif, she also wears an embroidered silk-cotton blouse. Over this she wears a hand knitted pale pink silk-cotton coat. She has brown eyes and a dark blond mohair wig.

Both of these dolls are editions of 30 pieces. Either of them can be purchased with the limited edition toy theatre.

This wonderful handmade and hand painted armoire measures perfectly to hold extra clothes and accessories for the dolls. Its an edition of only 10 pieces.

Dolly is available in the two colours, she is 21.5cm tall, on a cloth body with bisque head and hands. She was modelled after the old German dolls of the early 20th Century and makes a perfect play doll for the larger dolls.

The painted seat is very decorative and perfect to set up groups of the dolls and their toys.

Limited edition Toy Theatre

The handmade toy theatre is a limited edition of 25 pieces. It has a choice of two beautifully painted scenes with three characters each. The first shows a galleon in full sail with a pirate, a boy and treasure chest to tell the story. The second is a romantic interior of a castle with a prince and princess as characters. The exterior of the theatre is very richly coloured and evocative of the wonderful toy theatres of the past