Our 2007 Collection

Roche dolls by Lynne and Michael Roche

Dolls from the 2007 Collection are no longer available, This page has been retained as a reference archive for our collectors.

We have always been well known for our articulated, wooden bodied dolls and now we have designed a tiny, 7", articulated, all-bisque doll with wooden ball Joints. The first dolls in our completely new 'Little Friends' range are Primrose and Aimi.

Our two new 16.5" dolls, Bella and Midori are made with porcelain heads and hands and articulated, hand carved Lime-wood bodies. The dolls in both ranges wear a diversity of antique and vintage fabrics, beautiful hand dyed silks, felts, cottons, threads and yarns of many types.

This year we needed a straight wig for our Japanese doll Midori and our wig maker; Janice discovered a source of wonderful Lincoln wool fleeces. They were used for doll's wigs in the past. This fleece is so lovely that we have used it again, dyed in soft, natural shades for the two Bellas.

In 2007, all our dolls with the exception of Aimi in the box, an edition of 12 pieces, come in editions of 30.

We hope you enjoy this collection of our dolls and the charming accessories, which have been made especially for them by English artists and craftsmen.

Bella Play. In this edition Bella wears a tiny fitted jacket made from a distinctive 40's style cotton fabric, under which she wears a vintage patterned muslin blouse, a long red floral waistcoat and denim dress, creating a rich layered look, The outfit has a number of pockets in which Bella carries her little handmade wooden animals. She has a dark, honey coloured Lincoln fleece wig and bright blue glass eyes. Available with Bella is the most delightful dolls house reminiscent of those made in the 1890's. The doll house is an edition of 25 pieces.

Midori in Silk. This Midori wears a hand dyed, pure silk dress decorated with beads and appliqued flowers over which she wears a coarse cotton, space-dyed waistcoat decorated with tiny aquamarine chips, a variety of silk threads and tiny beads. Midori wears leather sandals which tone beautifully with the silk dress and she has a wonderful mohair monkey companion, made by Stella Topping.

Little Friends- Primrose & Aimi.

Winter primrose. To take her little black dog for a walk, Primrose wears a space-dyed yarn, hand knitted cardigan with a frill at the waist over a space-dyed, felt skirt decorated with dyed scrim and beads. She wears a felt bonnet over her long fair mohair wig.

Primrose in Blue. Her best dress made of hand dyed cotton tantieme with silk beaded collar. She has a long blond, mohair wig.

Aimi in Pink. In this edition Aimi wears a Liberty, tiny fan print dress under a space-dyed felt coat with an appliqued cat motif.

Primrose Play. This Primrose wears a patchwork skirt of vintage cottons and space-dyed yarn knitted cardigan. She has a short, blond mohair wig.

Aimi Play. To play, Aimi wears a pair of nostaligic vintage cotton print trousers and a little blouse with an appliquéd animal motif, over which she wears  hand knitted cardigan of space-dyed yarn.

All of these Little Friends are an edition of 30 pieces each.

Bella Winter. Bella is all ready for Winter and Christmas and is dressed in a printed flannel 'puff-ball' dress, which is decorated at the hem-line with beaded, felt bows. Over the dress she wears a chunky hand knitted, silk/cotton sleeveless coat decorated with beaded buttons and has a knitted silk pocket embellished with beads. Bella wears an astrakhan style knitted bonnet over her strawberry blond mohair wig and completes the outfit with mittens and dark red leather boots. She has brown glass eyes. To accompany her, she has her warmly dressed, mohair teddy made for us by Stella Topping.

Bella Spring. Bella and her mohair bunny, made by Stella Topping, are both dressed for a walk on a spring day. Bella's skirt, made from vintage floral Liberty lawn, has an underskirt of lightest wool decorated with little bead flowers. Her blouse is made of cotton Tantieme, the waistcoat is knitted in lace stitch in pure silk yarn, and both are decorated and embroidered with bead flowers. Bella has bright blue glass eyes and a fair Lincoln fleece wig and completes her outfit with a pair of pastel leather sandals.

All of the Little Friends are available with a very special handmade and painted wooden roundabout.

The wooden roundabout is an edition of 25 pieces.

Midori Play. Midori is dressed in a wonderful layered ensemble of vintage fabrics in the richest of colours and decorated with beads, complimented by lovely blue leather sandals. She has a tiny Omiyage, a little sparow made of Japanese fabrics, which she holds a tiny treasure. Also available with Midori is a wonderful Oriental dolls house in an edition of 25 pieces.

Aimi in the box. This wonderful faux lacquered and hand painted box opens to reveal two dramatic Liberty fan print fabric inner boxes. In one you will find Aimi dressed in kimono fabric trousers, a cotton blouse and a pure silk knitted jersey. In the other there is a beautiful silk kimono made of vintage kimono fabric (fabric will vary) and a small bag containing a tiny wooden rabbit.

This Aimi is an edition of 12 pieces.