Our 2008 Collection

Roche dolls by Lynne and Michael Roche

Dolls from the 2008 Collection are no longer available, This page has been retained as a reference archive for our collectors.

For this year we created two new dolls with wooden bodies, Marigold and Theo. They are both 16” tall, Marigold is available in three editions and Theo in two editions.

We have also added Johnny and Rosemary to the family of Little Friends (all bisque 7” dolls).

All the editions are of 30 pieces unless stated otherwise.

Marigold Play. Using the imagery from nursery rhymes and stories, Marigold wears a soft cotton velvet skirt and wool-felt wrap-over waistcoat both with appliqués of evocative nursery motifs. Under the waistcoat Marigold has a gorgeous hand knitted fairisle jersey, each one will be slightly different, the colours complimenting the lovely natural fabrics of her dress. She has brown glass eyes, a pale strawberry blond mohair wig and rich darkred leather sandals. She also has her little teddy friend made especially for us by Stella Topping, whose dress complements her own.

Theo Winter. To join Marigold walking the dogs Theo is also warmly dressed in his hand knitted soft wool trousers, a soft cotton checked shirt and a lovely pure wool blouson jacket with his initial appliqued on the front. He also wears a hand knitted soft angora mix hat and pure wool scarf and mitts. He has blue glass eyes, a pale strawberry blond curly wig and gorgeous dark blue leather boots. Theo also comes with his little golden coloured mohair dog by Stella Topping.

Theo Play. Marigold's friend Theo loves his toy train and it is featured in the story book landscape appliquéd on his felt tabard. He also wears pure wool trousers, a vintage cotton shirt and gorgeous dark brown leather boots. He has blue glass eyes and a real hair wig.

This Theo is an edition of just 20 pieces.

Marigold in Silk. In this edition, Marigold is dressed in a beautiful silk satin shirt in the palest pink. She wears this over lovely antique patterned silk bloomers. Over tall of his she has a gossamer hand knitted bolero decorated with tiny beads. Marigold has a dark blond mohair wig, blue glass eyes and wears pale yellow leather sandals. She comes with a lovely Teddy wearing a pink hand knitted outfit by Stella topping. The delightful little pull-a-long dappled horse is an optional extra for her and is limited to only 15 pieces.

Marigold Winter. When Marigold takes her little dog for a walk, she wears a soft cotton 'green with white spots' blouse, over this she wears a pure wool skirt with a trim of hand dyed pale green wool. She has a lovely warm lined and hooded coat in the green wool which is emboidered and decorated in wool and wool yarn. She also has knitted silk/cotton scarf and mittens and lovely light brown boots. She has a pale blond mohair wig and blue glass eyes. Marigold also comes with her very own brown mohair dog by Stella Topping.

Johnny and Rosemary are both 7" tall and are all bisque and fully articulated. They have painted eyes and mohair wigs.

Rosemary in silk wears a delightful summer dress in lovely palest green silk/satin, it is decorated with little silk ribbons and beads.

Johnny in car shirt. He wears a wonderful Liberty print cotton lawn shirt which is printed with a car motif. He has wool felt trousers and a hand knitted waistcoat over.

Rosemary Winter. Here Rosemary wears a lovely all-in-one jump suit in soft cotton flannel, over this she wears a delightful hand knitted wool duffle coat. She also has little felt mittens and boots.

Johnny Winter wears a wonderful hand knitted ensemble in space-dyed wool, it comprises a jacket, trousers, hat, scarf and mitts. He also has little wool felt boots.

Either of the Rosemary dolls can have a lovely green car to drive in. This car is an edition of just 15 pieces.

Either of the Jonny editions is available with the super blue car. This car is also in an edition of just 15 pieces.