Our 2009 Collection

Roche dolls by Lynne and Michael Roche

Dolls from the 2009 Collection are no longer available, This page has been retained as a reference archive for our collectors.

The 2009 collection revolves around Mirabelle 1885 and her more contemporary sister Mira. Both Mirabelle and Mira are 18” on hand carved and articulated lime-wood bodies.

Bringing Lynne's story 'Cecile, the story of a doll' to life, the first two editions are around Mirabelle. Lynne has written and illustrated her story, set in Paris in 1885, when her favorite antique doll, the bru with the chevrot body was produced. Each of the Mirabelle editions will have a hand bound copy of the book.

Also for 2009 is our new little friend Rowan, a 7" all bisque, fully articulated doll with wooden ball joints, hand painted eyes and a mohair wig.

Mirabelle 1st edition comprises of Mirabelle dressed in layers of fine cotton underwear made from antique lawn and lace. Over this she wears a lovely dress inspired by the 1885 era and over all of this a lined wool coat and a hat, the fabric, hand dyed to a beautiful shade of red-brown. She also wears lovely brown soft leather boots. Mirabelle has a wig of lincoln wool and blue glass eyes.

The really beautiful shop window from Aux Reves de Poupees also forms part of this first edition. The shop evokes wonderfully the 1880’s era in Paris, and inside the shop you find little Cecile our impression of the wonderful Bru doll. Cecile is 9” and is on a bisque and wood body inspired by that of the original. She is dressed in a mixture of the most beautiful pure silk gold fabric and antique fabrics, lace and trimmings. The shop opens at the back to enable you to arrange Cecile how you choose. Also part of this edition is a copy of Lynne's book 'Cecile, the story of a doll', hand bound in green linen.

This is one of the most challenging projects we have ever made in our nearly 30 years of doll making. It is an edition of only 16 pieces.

Mirabelle 2nd edition comprises Mirabelle but instead of her coat and hat, she wears a delightful embroidered apron over her dress, it is made from the lightest weight antique wool fabric. She has a beautiful little wooden painted workbox and seat with all sorts of goodies inside the workbox including fabrics, buttons, hand embroidered pin cushion, needlecase and threads. Also is part of the second edition, is Little Cecile and a copy of the storybook bound in brown linen. This edition is limited to 20 pieces.

Mira in vintage liberty. Several years ago I obtained a length of pre war liberty fabric in the original box and with its price label. It is a beautiful shaded floral fabric with a very soft fall and texture. I used this fabric as the inspiration for this outfit. Adding some vintage lace and a lovely pure silk hand knitted and decorated sleeveless waistcoat to make a very feminine outfit for Mira. She has brown glass eyes and a strawberry blond Lincoln wool wig. Mira also has a little dressed mohair bear made by Stella Topping.

Rowan is 7" and is fully articulated all bisque. she is dressed in an ensemble of little knitted items in many shades of pink and lilac. She has painted eyes and a mohair wig.

Rowan is an edition of 25 pieces.

Mira with her workbox. Here Mira wears a lovely pinafore dress made of silk velvet and a wonderful vintage cat print cotton, this is worn over a deep blues pattern underdress. Over all of this she has a hand knitted and beaded shrug cardigan. Mira has blue glass eyes, a fair Lincoln wool wig and stone colour leather sandals. To accompany her she has her little dressed bear made especially by Stella Topping. She is an edition of 25 pieces.

An optional accessory is her lovely hand painted wooden workbox, includes many little items,  this is an edition of 15 pieces only.

Here Rowan becomes Alice in Alice and the little door.

Alice and the little door is an edition of 20 pieces.

Mira goes for a walk. Here Mira takes her delightful little dressed mohair bear for a walk. She is dressed in a lovely balloon shaped pure wool dress worn over a hand knitted cardigan in beautiful silk wool yarn. Over all of this she has a shoulder bag matching her dress and a hand knitted wool/cashmere shrug jacket. Over her lovely brown red leather boots she has silk /wool leg warmers that match her cardigan. Mira has blue glass eyes and a pale blond Lincoln wool wig. She is an edition of 25 pieces.

Here we have Rowan as 'Alice down the rabbit hole'

Alice down the rabbit hole is an edition of 20 pieces.