Our 2012 Collection

Roche dolls by Lynne and Michael Roche

Dolls from the 2012Collection are no longer available, This page has been retained as a reference archive for our collectors.

This year we have created Emila who is 20" and an older child doll, the same size as Lillian, one of our most popular dolls from the 1990's. Emilia has a hand carved articulated, lime wood body, porcelain head and hands, glass eyes and mohair wigs. She is available in 3 editions.

Also this year we introduce an entirely new toddler doll, Gertie. She is 11" and has a firmly stuffed cloth body, jointed at the hips and shoulders. Gertie scales beautifully with Bonnie Baby our little cloth bodied baby. Bonnie Baby is just 9" tall and was first introduced in May 2011 (Bonnie Baby in pink or blue) as the yearly special for members of our Collectors Club. Gertie and Bonnie are available in 2 editions each. They have hand painted eyes and mohair wigs.

Emilia and Toby, The Favourite Bear. One of my favourite bear artists is Paula Strethill-Smith and we were delighted when Paula agreed to make Toby for us. In this very special edition, Emilia is dressed in a lovely 40's fabric skirt with knitted jumper and embellished felt waistcoat. She sits on a wonderful hand painted seat with lovely vintage fabric cushions with her favourite bear Toby. Toby is made of distressed vintage plush, with leather pads and a wobble neck joint. Paulas bears are exquisitely made, wonderfully scaled and invested with great character. Emilia Has a pale strawberry blond mohair wig and blue glass eyes.

Emilia is an edition of just 10 pieces.

Gerti in Floral. Here Gertie wears a sweet 40's flowery print cotton dress with a felt waistcoat. Gertie has a fair mohair wig and brown painted eyes.

Gertie in Floral is an edition of 20 pieces.

Gertie in Pink. This playful outfit has a 40's print cotton blouse with a pale pink felt dungaree, with cornflower appliqués. Gertie has a blond plaited mohair wig and blue painted eyes.

Gertie in Pink is an edition of 20 pieces.

Emilia in Lilac. Here in this very gentle and wistful edition of Emilia she is dressed in a wonderful dress made from mid 19th century cotton. Over this she wears a pretty lilac linen waistcoat with peplum. Emilia has a pale blond wig and blue glass eyes.

Emila in Lilac is an edition of 20 pieces.

Baby Bonnie in lacy knit. This lovely traditional  layette is hand  knitted in the softest shade of pale turquoise wool. Bonnie has blue painted eyes and a blond mohair wig.

Bonnie in lacy knit is an edition of 20 pieces.

Bonnie Baby Winter. Here Bonnie is dressed in a lovely 40's cotton print skirt and little check blouse. Over this she wears a felt coat and hat. She has brown painted eyes and a dark blond mohair wig.

Bonnie Baby Winter is an edition of 20 pieces.

Emilia Winter. Here Emilia is dressed warmly for winter. She has a flannel skirt and blouse. Over this she wears a uniquely designed space-dyed felt coat and knitted pure silk mittens and scarf. She has a fair mohair wig and brown glass eyes.

Emilia Winter is an edition of 20 pieces.