Our 2013 Collection

Roche dolls by Lynne and Michael Roche

Dolls from the 2013 Collection are no longer available, This page has been retained as a reference archive for our collectors.

For 2013 we introduce sisters Cicely and Harriet. Cicely is 20” and Harriet is 18” They both have porcelain heads and hands on articulated hand carved lime-wood bodies.

Cicely and Harriet are available in a choice of two 20 piece editions each.

Also this year we introduce a new soft bodied doll, Bessie, sister to Bonnie Baby, she is available in two 20 piece editions. Baby Bonnie is available in a delightful new edition as well, limited to 20 pieces.

Cicely and Harriet Autumn has arrived! Here Cicely and Harriet wear their gorgeous Autumn clothes


Cicely has a wonderful heavy cotton, multi coloured stitched skirt with a cotton blouse, lovely linen waistcoat and the softest wool jacket accompanied by a stylish hat. She has blue glass eyes, a dark brown mohair wig and lovely red leather boots.

Harriett wears a lovely cotton cats and trees print dress over which she wears a lovely silk jacket and stylish hat to match Cicely. Harriet has brown glass eyes, a strawberry blond mohair wig and lovely stone coloured leather boots.

Cicely Autumn is an edition of 20 pieces.

Harriet Autumn is an edition of 20 pieces.

Cicely and Harriet All at Sea! Here Cicely and Harriett are enjoying the sea-side and sailing their lovely little wooden boats. Each of the skirts and pinafore dresses have been hand painted by Lynne, they also have cotton and linen skirts and blouses. They both have blue glass eyes, Cicely has a blond mohair wig and Harriet has a pale blond mohair wig.

The boats are an optional extra.

Cicely Sea-side is an edition of 20 pieces.

Harriet Sea-side is an edition of 20 pieces.

Bessie loves her cat!

Bessie is available in a choice of two delightful hand knitted outfits, either pink or blue. each doll has their own little knitted cat.

The pink version Bessie has a blond mohair wig in plaits and the blue version has a strawberry blond mohair wig.

Bonnie also has her delightful maritime hand knitted outfit.

All of these dolls are in an edition of 20 pieces each.