Our 2015 Collection

Roche dolls by Lynne and michael Roche

Dolls from the 2015 Collection are no longer available, This page has been retained as a reference archive for our collectors.

Elsie and Little Theo are our new dolls for 2015.

They are both 14”, the same size as Robyn from our 2014 collection.

They both have wooden bodies and are each available in a choice of 2 editions each.

We hope you like them.

Elsie in Velvet. She wears the softest pure silk velvet skirt over which she has a lovely hand knitted mohair cardigan with velvet pocket and hand dyed silk trim. She also has a gorgeous little hand knitted dressed toy mouse. Elsie in Velvet has blond hair, blue eyes and soft leather shoes.

Elsie in Velvet is an edition of 20 pieces.

Little Theo with Boat wears a pure linen jumpsuit over which he has a lovely cotton jacket printed with boats, a fabric from the 1950's. He has linen shoes and a wonderful little hand knitted toy boat. He has pale strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.

Little Theo with boat is an edition of 20 pieces.

Elsie Winter wears a beautiful pure linen skirt which has been hand embroidered with flowers in soft cotton threads. Over this she wears a space-dyed hand knitted jumper and a pure boiled wool waistcoat that is hand embroidered with wool yarn flowers. She also has a delightful knitted toy mouse with a lacy skirt. Elsie Winter has strawberry blond hair with blue eyes and she is wearing soft leather shoes.

Elsie Winter is an edition of 20 pieces.

Little Theo Winter wears boiled wool trousers and top, over which  he has a chunky hand knitted cardigan with a 'T' trim. He has a space-dyed yarn knitted hat, mitts and scarf. He also has his own little hand knitted mouse toy. Little Theo Winter has blond curly hair, blue eyes and soft blue leather boots.

Little Theo Winter is an edition of 20 pieces.