Our 2017 Collection

Roche dolls by Lynne and Michael Roche

Dolls from the 2017 Collection are no longer available, This page has been retained as a reference archive for our collectors.

Welcome to our final collection of dolls.

For this collection we have made 2 new editions of a favourite doll, Mira, one with a Christmas theme and another in glorious denim blue. Also 2 editions of a  new little 10” doll, Evie,  one with a Christmas theme to go with Christmas Mira and another with a delightful little car, the car is optional.

There will be very limited numbers of them made, our production is ending in March.

We hope you enjoy this collection,

Best wishes, Lynne and Michael.

Mira Christmas wears a pure wool skirt, linen blouse and knitted jacket with Christmas motifs, she also has a wool scarf, mittens, hat and leather boots. She has a fair wig and blue eyes. She also has her lovely Stella Topping mohair bear.

Mira Christmas is a limited edition of 10 pieces.

Mira in Indigo wears heavy indigo dyed linen dress with old cotton buttons. This is lined with a striped linen underskirt. Under this she has a pure wool blouse which is embroidered with wool yarn in shades of blue. She also has a lovely Stella Topping bear.

Mira in Indigo is also an edition of 10 pieces.

Evie Christmas wears an outfit styled similarly to that of Mira, she has lovely pale strawberry blond hair and a small hand knitted Scottie dog..

Evie Christmas is also an edition of 10 pieces

Either of the Evie dolls can be purchased with the optional little wooden car.

Evie in Knit is dressed in a hand knitted skirt and jacket with a little car and tree motifs, she has a fair mohair wig and a small hand knitted brown dog.

Evie in Knit is also in an edition of just 10 pieces