2020 Christmas Special Collection

Our 2020 Christmas Special Collection

Celebrating 40 Years of Dollmaking

Roche dolls by Lynne and michael Roche

Please welcome our new dolls for 2020.

A group of special one of a kind dolls. There are 2 Esme's, 2 Bella's, 2 Lillian's , 2 Elsie's, 1 Susannah and 1 Little Theo.

Each doll is dressed in a one of a kind outfit making all of them unique.

They are £2000 each.

Aimi is 7 1/2” tall. jointed all bisque with wooden ball joints. She is an edition of 10 in total, 6 to be posted before Christmas and the final 4 whose red jumpsuit is a slightly darker red will be delivered in late January/early February. Aimi is £695.

The dolls are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please do let us know of your interest as soon as possible.