Lynne and Michael Roche Dollmakers


  • Winter Special Dolls 2017
    Robyn & Kitty
  • Winter Special Dolls 2017
    Theo & Esme
  • Winter Special Dolls 2017
    Robyn, Esme, Kitty & Theo

Welcome to Roche dolls

2017 marks our 37th year of doll making and the release of our final collection of dolls. After much consideration we have decided to stop producing dolls after the end of March, this will give us more time follow our other interests. Our website and mailing list will remain live as a resource for collectors and we have a number of our older dolls that we will sell from time to time, along with other items of interest.

We would sincerely like to thank all of our collectors over the years, many who have become good friends, also the retailers who have encouraged and supported our work, with very special thanks to Danny and Barrie Shapiro at The Toy Shoppe.

Best wishes,
Lynne and Michael.